Framing Artwork Inexpensively

I bought this print for Matthew when I was at the World Market Center trade show in Las Vegas in July, covering the show for the magazine. I was wandering around one of the exhibit halls trying to find a particular vendor, and as I passed the booth of a print dealer, this print stopped me in my tracks. Literally. I walked into the booth and just stood there, staring at it, pretty much transfixed.

Remembering a previous bad experience with not buying a print I loved and then not being able to find it later (and I still wouldn’t have it unless Hannah had taken on the mission and scoured every Kirkland’s in Oklahoma), I decided to buy it on the spot. Since this was a trade show, the exhibitors were looking to sell to a company like Bob’s Funiture Extravaganze or Kirkland’s, which would then resell thousands of *insert product here*. They’re not looking to sell one piece to one random person from Rhode Island. But the dealer was really nice and sold me the print at wholesale price, and shipped it to me after the show.

Custom framing is not cheap (Stacey, remember the time we went to Michael’s to inquire about a small custom framing job for me?). So I left the picture in its mailing tube for months, trying to figure out what to do about framing it.

I was at Ocean State Job Lot, a New England discount chain, on Saturday, and they had huge, 20×30 pieces of hideous, framed artwork for $12.99. You don’t EVER see a deal like that even at Wal-Mart. Yes, the artwork was really ugly, but the frames were great.

The back of the frame was not designed to come off…but after wrestling with the thing over two days, I got it all taken apart, the new picture put in, and it looks gorgeous in our Paris-themed bedroom.

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  • MattyOOO

    Very cool pic.

  • gwyneth

    i have a confession to make:

    i thought parts of that very rambly post were funny.  esp the toilet part.  i amused myself.  there.  now you know.

  • lumberjon

    the picture is very romantic-like. thanks for commenting me to let me know of your response. i have also responded back on her site. please let me know your thoughts. i do apologize that it sounds a bit argumentative. i have strong feelings on the issue, and sometimes it is a struggle to have them challenged. a struggle, but its always good to have your thoughts challenged. i do appreciate that you are willing to throw your thoughts out freely, and that you do well to reference scripture. thanks for your insight.

  • NYSweetheart

    Becky, I love that print so much. Jason and I always take trains back and forth to visit each other so it almost made me gasp. Where did you get it? I would love to get it somehow.

  • ezygiel

    that is a fantastic print! i’ve not bought one that i liked and have searched for it since. it’s one of those things you do once and never again.

    thank you for the five million eprops! that’s the most i’ve ever received, ever! not only are you a friend of gywn, but i knew your husband once upon a time as well – he taught me most of what i know about access, as interesting as that is :-)

  • Marciaran

    I’m jealous. I love that picture. (er, I mean..print?) I think I am more jealous that I don’t have a home right now to be decorating. Hey, remember when you were at our apartment and you were giving me ideas of things to do with that big stark white wall behind our dining room table? Maybe you don’t but you suggested something in the way of a tapestry, which I had never considered and didn’t know much about at the time. I don’t know if I ever told you but I ended up buying two tapestries – one HUGE one for behind the table and one long skinny one for in the kitchen. They were french cafe themed, which is overdone but I don’t care because I LOVED them. I don’t think you ever saw them. Oh, and I hope to someday have a print of “Meeting at the Turret Stairs” framed and in my house somewhere. If you don’t remember that one it was in my Irish poetry and art book, and you said you liked it.

  • curlyqueqt1

    Wow, I am loving that print.  And of course I know that it goes superbly in your bedroom, so kudos for such a fabulous find.  Who could forget the Michael’s trip?  I’m still trying to reattach my jaw from when it dropped in shock.

    Miss you friend!

  • gwyneth

    ok, the part where you dreamed i was a lesbian…is not from God.

    in case you were wondering.

    you were dreaming lies.

    the end.

    oh, AND, it’s just plain WUH-HEIRD!

  • hannahbarton

    You’re right. I love, love, love the print. I could almost eat it.

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