Pride and Prejudice Costume Ball

Bingley: Come, Darcy, I must have you dance!

Matthew and I are giving a Ball this weekend…a real, honest-to-goodness ball, with ladies dancing and lords a-leaping (or something like that…). It’s a Historical Costume Ball, and Matthew and I are dressing up as Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. We’re going to do English country dancing and waltzing (with lessons for both). We’re even going to have live music for one of the dances! (The rest will be accompanied by everyone’s favorite band, Ye Olde iPod.)

Last year at Christmas time, we had a ball at the Miller Estate in Scituate for about 30 guests, and had a wonderful time. This year it’s bigger and better – 50-60 guests, and the event will take place in the lovely stone-tiled foyer at our church. I hope that each year, the ball will get bigger and more elaborate, until someday when we can throw a proper ball in the ballroom at Rosecliff (biggest ballroom among the mansions in Newport).

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to a ball. I constantly dressed up my Barbies so they could go to balls. Now that I’m a grownup, I realized that I can have a ball if I want to! Hooray for little child dreams and the ability to make them come true as an adult.

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  • TheRealNeb

    That’s awesome.  I actually just read an article that mentioned balls AND Pride and Prejudice (  You and Matthew are awesome, plain and simple.

  • whomhavei

    I can hardly wait to scandilously chase all the susceptible young women in my “officer’s” uniform!  What glee!

  • hannahbarton

    Boy, do I ever wish I could be there. Do you realize how many “little child dreams” we’ve been able to fulfill in, oh, the last six years or so?–At least those connected with costumes and balls!

  • daniellehanley

    Wow! I am so jealous. “I long for a ball!” I hope you post lots of pictures.

  • gwyneth

    how can the things we do for fun be so the same and so different from each other?  remarkable.

    have a blast at your ball.  or don’t.  if you don’t let your brother come, the probability of blasts will probably greatly diminish. 

  • gwyneth

    nah.  prolly not.  i mean, i hope that i get paid decently, but i doubt i’ll be makin’ bank.  when’re you guys gonna come see the new digs?  it’s less than 2 hrs now!  :-D

  • sheldoggy

    yeah buddy. a ball! when you said you were going to be having a ball this weekend, i assumed you meant a really flippin’ good time. but no, you’re literally having a ball. i guess i’m not surprised:-) so it’s been raining back in your area non-stop, huh? sounds like Costa Rica. a lot like Costa Rica. except it’s been raining since may and won’t stop until mid-november.

  • jessidudeck

    Becky, i remember you as the girl who resented anything girlie and didn’t even want to get married…ever….and here you are throwing a ball. I was just looking at a camio the other day with one of my friends and I mentioned that I wished I lived in the day of big beautiful dresses and could go to a ball. Wish i could be there!

  • gwyneth

    wow…you’re so cool and busy and popular.  hehe.

    i’ll keep the end of october in mind…mebbe, mebbe not, know what i’m sayin’?

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