Things to Avoid for a Great Party: Edition 3

Matthew thought these comics from Zach might be too offensive for the site…but I think this is an important topic to discuss. I hate to get all serious on a Humorous Wednesday post, but seriously…what is UP with some of the things people say in social settings?!?

Consider this your warning: these comics aren’t kid safe.

Let’s talk…what is the worst thing you’ve heard (or worse, SAID, if you’re brave enough to fess up) at a social gathering?

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  • Becky Miller

    I'll go first…when I was pregnant with Katherine, I was at an event, and we were all talking and eating snacks. I was standing next to another expectant mother. One woman (who did not have children) looked at us and announced to everyone, "Don't drink whatever they're drinking! It might be catching!"

  • JasonWert

    OK, this is a little on the gross side and apologize in advance.

    I was at a party and heard someone ask why a female friend wasn't there. Some guy snapped "'cause she's on the rag and the cramps are killing her."

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  • nicholelnelson

    Someone asked me if I was going to have more kids. I was so taken aback, I was completely honest, which in turn took the inquirer back. I'm debating whether or not to use the same tactic next time.

  • Alana

    If you haven't seen someone in a long time and they have put on a lot of weight, do not ask are you expecting? On the flip side, if you see a friend who is kind of heavy but it turns out she IS expecting, do not sound surprise.. just avoid all pregnancy talk until all details are confirmed.

  • iamlazarus2010

    I am horrified that someone who knows me will read this…but I am from Alabama, so what are the chances?

    A former student of mine died tragically in a single car accident. He ran off of the road into a field, and hit a tractor. (Alabama, remember?) I was asked to speak at the funeral, a great honor if you knew this young man. Over 1,000 people came to the viewing and over 400 attended the funeral.

    At the viewing, I had been through the long line, hugged the parents and siblings, cried a little…then went out into the hallway.

    One of the young man's cousins was there, and she said "How are You doing?'

    Instead of "Fine." Or "this is rough" I said…"well, you know…I am holding it in the road."


  • twentysixcats

    I get asked if I want more kids all the time. That doesn't bother me, but I don't know how to answer when they ask WHEN I'm planning to have #2. Do I even know that?? And I'm always worried about being criticized with my answer, because a lot of people feel passionately that you should wait 3 or 4 years between kids…

    I think my biggest faux pas is that I tend to get really deep/intense in my conversations with people I just met. I was chit-chatting at a party once, and suddenly I found myself talking passionately about the value of staying home full-time with my kids. I don't even know how I got there. Why can't I seem to stay surface level with people I just met?

  • Jen

    Oh, I"m great at doing this… only it always seems to happen in front of my pastor.

    Like the time I said a phrase that I'd used my ENTIRE LIFE without it actually dropping into my head what it was, exactly, I was saying.

    Until I said it in front of my pastor.


    Or the time, Adam and I were at dinner with them, and Pastor and Adam were discussing (in context) p0rnogr@phy and m@sterb@tion (don't want you getting weird hits) and I say

    "Don't they go hand in hand"?


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