Things to Avoid for a Great Party: Edition 1

My brother Zach and his wife, Hannah, are great at hospitality. They’re also really funny. Zach and I got talking about my blog last week, and he offered to share some tips about things to avoid to make your parties awesome (complete with illustrations). He got on a roll and sent me a whole slew of fantastic party comics. I’ll be sharing these every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

First Edition of Things to Avoid for a Great Party:

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  • Mme Castle

    Zach my dear, you are so twisted. I love that in my family. I would like the recipe for the Joshua Harris. (Miss Becky, do you think we can prevail upon him to produce one?)

    • Becky Miller

      I shall put in the request…A future Humorous Wednesday post must contain the recipe for the Joshua Harris cocktail. Although it might more appropriately be a "mocktail."

  • Joleigh

    Zach! The first one is hilarious, but that second one is HORRIBLE!

    The mother of two "Fluffies." :)

    (I did laugh a little bit before the horror set in.)

  • nicholelnelson

    This is going to bring your blog into epic-ness.

  • arsenalfamily

    This is VERY Zachish.

  • Daniel

    what's with the dissing homeschoolers?

  • douglasacastle

    I've seen the pens they keep dogs in as well as the butchered carcasses in markets in Korea. They also have cats there. All very clean and well-fed. Yech.

  • Jen

    A chinese restraunt down where Adam and I met got closed down because they found German Shepherd dogs in the freezer.

    True story.

  • Hannah

    The Joshua Harris helped Zach kiss dating hello.

    • Jen


    • Becky Miller

      That's a great tagline for the drink recipe…. "Did Joshua Harris the book author help you kiss dating goodbye? Then you need Joshua Harris the cocktail to help you kiss dating hello!"

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