The Lost Day – Hosting While Sick

Our fun week with my brother Daniel visiting was punctuated by a small calamity… Wednesday night, we hosted our newlyweds Bible study here. Daniel helped tremendously by cleaning and baking cookies as we were getting ready. As the last couples were leaving at about 10:30, I felt a sudden rush of nausea and hurried to the bedroom to lie down, where I stayed for an hour telling my body not to throw up. Finally, between 11:30 and 12, I knew it was inevitable, and Matthew responded to my cry for help and brought me a bowl. I proceeded to throw up every hour most of the night.

At first I managed to feel happy in spite of the vomiting, because I thought maybe it meant I was pregnant, which would be great. But then Matthew started puking at about 4 am, so clearly that was not the case. So we wondered if it was food poisoning, but Daniel and I had eaten all the same things all day, and he wasn’t sick…until 7:30 or so, when he threw up too.

We called my sister-in-law Amy, and she went to the pharmacy for anti-nausea medicine and Pedialyte for us. Daniel recovered pretty quickly, but felt weak most of the day. Matthew (he took a sick day) and I spent most of the day in bed, drifting in and out of delirious sleep, achy and shivery. The day crept by soooooo slooowly. It was horrible. I don’t remember the last time I was that sick. I think the last time I threw up at all was in middle school or high school.

Amy called late in the afternoon and said she had begun vomiting as well. So there’s no way it was food poisoning. I have no idea where we got this awful bug…I think the only thing the four of us have in common the past few days is the company where Matthew and Amy both work, but no one else there seems to be sick.

We finally ate some soup late last night and slept mostly peacefully. Matthew went to work this morning and Daniel and I are up and around, although I’m still moving pretty slowly. Katherine has been totally fine, for which I am extremely grateful.

I’m sad to have “lost” more than a day of Daniel’s visit, especially yesterday…I had a huge Lord of the Rings-themed feast planned for last night. Some fellow Tolkien fans were going to come over and we were going to watch “The Fellowship of the Ring” and have a wonderful meal of all sorts of LOTR-type foods with fun names I made up…”A Shortcut to Mushroom” Stuffed Mushrooms, “We Saved Some for You, Mr. Frodo” Beef with Nice Crispy Bacon, etc.

The good thing that came out of it was that we got a new dishwasher…ours broke a week ago and our landlord has been taking forever to replace it. I emailed yesterday and said it was an emergency and we needed it right away because we now have piles of dishes to sterilize. The repair dude is installing it right now.

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  • simply_nikki

    Oh my goodness! That sounds awful. I’m so sorry you all caught a bug. I wonder how you caught it. Did you call the nurse for her theory? Sometimes they’ll say, “Oh, yup, there’s been a _____ virus going around for awhile. Be careful when you go out in public and wash your hands constantly!” Hopefully, it is over by now, though!

    I hope you all get to 100% shortly. I kind of chuckled at the fact that Daniel caught it last and got over it the quickest. Are both Daniel and Zach in the military?

    Hey, I’ve been waiting for the dollar store to have bubble mailers before I send items via AnySoldier dot com to those serving overseas. I’ve already written my letter, though and I am going to post it. I was wondering particularly what a soldier would think: would they think, “This is lame?” or “This is cool?”

  • Monyikka

    oh oh oh.  becky that is terrible.  i am glad that you are feeling better now and that dear katherine didn’t get sick. 

  • gwyneth

    that sounds wretched. also, i am laughing at you for your ELABORATE lotr themed dinner plan.

    and…how’d daniel feel about eddie?

  • Badcat926

    That really does sound horrible!! I’m so thankful that typically we don’t catch things. I hope Katherine doesn’t catch it.

    The dishwasher is good news. Too bad it had to come to this to get it though.

    I was teasing about the sham btw. ;o)

    ~ Cat

  • Hinkybelle

    Ergh, that sounds awful!! glad you’re feeling better now though.

    A LOTR feast?

  • mmmattress

    I ate my chicken soup, but today was Free Food Friday, of course, so I downed two pieces of Hawaiian Pizza. The rumblings are hating me for it, but oh, so tasty…

  • Punky1974

    Sorry to hear you were ill! Glad to  hear you are better though! Enjoy your time with Daniel!

  • Lydrock

    glad you got your dishwasher!!

    Ugh that virus sounds nasty!! I hope you all get to feeling better, take your time and really let your body heal up!! I’m so glad that Katherine didn’t get it. We are all cold-y over here, even 2 week old Fiona, poor thing!! Being sick sucks, bring on summer!!

  • daniellehanley

    Sounds very similar to what we had this week. Sorry to hear that you had it while your brother was visiting and that it ruined your dinner plans. Bummer.

    Thinking of LOTR themes, I was looking through the list of babies whose births my midwives attended in 2005, and one of them was named Eowyn. We all agreed it was pretty, but… And what would you do for siblings?

  • Atira

    eek! hope you feel better really soon! glad katherine has been spared.

  • arohanui24

    Sorry you were sick.  I absolutely hate to throw up!  I guess no one really likes it though, do they?  I guess Matthew is feeling better, having downed two pieces of pizza!

  • rachelboo

    I’m sorry you got so sick, but I am glad you are feeling better and I hope that you do get pregnant soon if that’s what you want!

  • Mistress_Kath

    Charming, wasn’t it? We were passing that around last week at work. Feel better!!!!!!!

  • ithinkthisnamewilldo


  • Abbas_princess

    Gross.  Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

  • airborneschloss

    Praise God that He heard our cry for healing! Perhaps you can do the LOTR dinner on another of Daniel’s visits.

  • eaglecam

    Woe, woe. The one good thing is that it is over. Glad the baby escaped or you would need a new washing machine as well!

  • hannahbarton

    Oh, I am so sorry, Becky. The cherry trees blossomed this week, so we all have allergies here– I’ve never had allergies before, but I’ve been crying and snotting all day long for the last couple of days.

    I’m pretty excited to see you this weekend, and guess what? We DO get to make curtains! I moved.

  • Leesuh23

    Yikes, I can relate to what you all went through.  When I returned to my hotel after my visit with a fellow intern alumnus in Ashville, NC (I told Matthew about said visit), I started throwing up at 1:00 AM and proceeded to continue to do so in intervals for the rest of the night.  Unfortunately for me, however, “the show must go on!!”  I had to get up and perform the show the next morning with a bucket waiting for me backstage in case of emergency.  I was absolutely weak during the performance; they had to boost my microphone for lack of real projection, and I had to sit down during a few scenes toward the end of the show when I am blocked to stand.  I made it through without fainting or throwing up or breaking character, but barely.  The cast took me to an urgent care clinic after the show where I was diagnosed with a stomach virus and dehydration.  Good times.  I only had crackers and water for 48 hours and the bug was gone. 

  • ibsaylin

    Sorry to hear you were all sick! I hope you soon recover fully. I can’t wait to see you guys and meet Katherine this Thursday. Did I tell you where we’re staying? In case I didn’t, we’ll be at the Boston Marriott Copley Place at 110 Huntington Avenue. Unfortunately, Dustyn will not be able to take off work and come with me to Boston:(  I’m sorry that you won’t get to meet eachother. You guys would just love him. I’m sure you’ll meet him one of these days. I’ll definately give you a call on Wednesday when we arrive in Boston. Have a great weekend:)

  • naturalmomma1

    Oh my gosh, how awful. Thank goodness Katherine didn’t get it! It’s even worse when baby is sick. I hope you guys are feeling better now.

  • curlyqueqt1

    Wow, thats some serious sickness!  You all gotta stop giving each other “the bug.”  Glad to hear you are better.

  • simply_nikki

    It was nice to see you Saturday. Thanks for going out of your way (and perhaps even make changes in your plans? Not sure when you were originally going to leave the house or go to Flo’s — before or after you met up with your sister-in-law and Matthew’s clients) to see me and treating both of us to a game of Bacci. :) You all looked well and hope you’re still feeling as such! By the way, it was also nice to meet Daniel. He’s such a nice guy! Both Micah and I enjoyed his company.

    Anyway, next time you are in Newport, I can meet you at Starbucks anytime. ;) You can also feel free to come by the apartment. (Even though I don’t really feel comfortable inviting people over for a meal just yet — only because I feel it’d be kind of rude of me to slap something in their laps after I invite them! — but I don’t mind if it’s more informal and I’ll still always offer refreshment. ;) )

  • simply_nikki

    Oh, yes, and please do tell your brother I hope I was not the cause of his delayed lunch. :)

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