Our Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Two months ago…


…the UPS man delivered the DeLonghi Perfecta and the stork delivered Joshua David.

In eight weeks, they have given us 366* shots of espresso and 336** diapers, respectively.

* actual figure
** estimated

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  • http://www.xanga.com/Atira Atira

    ha ha ha! love it! he’s a doll. more recent pix please!

  • http://www.xanga.com/bethibaby22 bethibaby22

    You’re giving the stork all the credit? He’s adorable!

  • http://www.xanga.com/Abbas_princess Abbas_princess

    You’re funny.  And he is one god lookin’ bitty boy.

  • http://www.xanga.com/gwyneth gwyneth

    i want a gold wings diner mug mocha! i’m coming over. be there in march.

  • http://www.xanga.com/simply_nikki simply_nikki

    The numbers put the nail in the clever coffin.

  • http://www.xanga.com/simply_nikki simply_nikki

    Did I use that phrase correctly?

  • http://www.xanga.com/twentysixcats twentysixcats

    He is way cute! I want to meet him!

  • http://www.xanga.com/naturalmomma1 naturalmomma1

    that is hilarious..he is too cute.

  • http://www.xanga.com/mmmattress mmmattress

    I can hear the JAG theme in my head.

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