Student of Hospitality

I’ve been a guest myself for the past few weeks, enjoying the hospitality of my friends and family members.

My mom watched my kids, Joshua (almost 2) and Katherine (just turned 4), for two weeks while my husband and I traveled in Europe.

"Grüß Gott" - traditional Bavarian greeting. Literally, "Greet God."

We visited:

-Kent & Leslie, my former youth pastor and his wife, who are missionaries planting an international church in Maastricht, the Netherlands

-My dad, stationed in Germany with the Army, in Garmisch, at an American military resort in the Alps

-College friends in Essen, Germany

-Friends from Rhode Island who just moved to Munich

Then after Matthew and I got back to the States, I flew the next day to Colorado to pick up K and J from my mom and got to spend a couple days with her and my brother Daniel.

I felt so taken-care-of by the generous hospitality we received. Next week I’ll blog all about our European adventures and the great lessons I learned about hospitality that we’ve already been trying to incorporate into our lives at home.

Welcome goodies from Karin in Munich

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  • Catherine

    Glad to see a new post and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Ich liebe Deutschland! Ich habe meine deutsch so viele vergessen aber deutschland ist immer in meine herz!

    • Becky Miller

      Ich auch. : )

  • nicholelnelson

    I'm just going to assume you both said "I love you." J/K

    I didn't realize you also visited college friends. What brings them to Germany?

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