Marie Antoinette Party: Inspiration

I’ve been dying to make myself a Marie Antoinette costume since Christmas. Well, really since I saw the Kirsten Dunst movie, but particularly since Christmas. We were invited to an Antoinette/Louis themed party by friends with French ancestry. I had my costume all planned out, down to powdered hair and face, but we were unable to go.

The costume wouldn’t leave me alone, though, so I decided to have an Antoinette theme for my 30th birthday on May 30: “Let Them Eat Cake!” A dessert and drinks fancy dress party.

Of course, now I am 4 months pregnant, so I’ll have to somehow make a maternity dress.

The inspiration for the decor and desserts comes from the scene in the semi-recent movie where Antoinette and her friends are lounging and indulging in cake and champagne.

Tonight I did a quick silhouette of the scene in Acorn (free photo editor). I’ll print this out as a template and cut a bunch out of black paper to use on the invitations.

A friend is coming over tomorrow night to re-watch the movie with me, and we’ll assemble invitations while we watch, plan the party, and conspire about our costumes.

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  • Karin

    I love the theme: "Let them eat cake!" (if I understood you correctly, that that would be your theme). I hope you have a great 30th birthday (you've waited about as long as anyone ever has to to reach your golden birthday).

    The silhouette is beautiful!

    I hope you'll post pictures:)

  • gwyn

    1. you should make cherry almond poundcake.
    2. if i dump a thing of baby powder on my head, would that be sufficient for costuming? bc…hp comes out in july, and i think that's probably your quota of gwyn-dressup for 2011, right?

    • Becky Miller

      Your choice for dress-up: Harry Potter or Marie Antoinette.

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