Live Blogging Dinner with the Borregos

Q: What do you get when you put together two avid bloggers and their husbands?

A: A dinner party that ends up being a live blogging session for the ladies while the guys play fetch with the cats.

Ashley and Paul are in New England for their Northeastern wedding reception. It worked out for us to have them over for dinner tonight.

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It’s not SO weird having people over who we met through The Internet…because we have a lot of mutual connections. More than we even realized!

Paul grew up and went to school with the Sorensens (including Karla) in Massachusetts – the Sorensens are lifelong friends of Matthew. (In fact, Ashley is currently sitting on the orange couch in our living room, which, before it came to us, resided in the Sorensens’ living room for about 30 years.)

Ashley and Paul also went to the same college as Dan Sorensen. Tonight we found out that Paul lived in Wiesbaden, Germany, for a while, the same place I lived in Germany. And we also realized that Ashley’s parents worked at the same missions base as Matthew’s Uncle Al, at the same time…so we called Uncle Al, and they called Ashley’s dad, to see if they remembered each other…

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“Dad, do you remember an Al Reitz?”

They did indeed remember each other…In addition to working together, they were also volunteer firefighters together in their spare time.

It’s a small world after all…

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  • micahanderin

    Becky, It’s fun to see your family pictures with little Katherine so perfectly a part of them! I hope you keep doing great posts about the transition to motherhood. You can be one of my blog-encouragers in that area (if God sees fit to bless us with a child at some point…am getting impatient! :o p )

    Oh…and lovely home! I like the green walls:o) 

  • gwyneth

    i like the new layout of your living room.

  • Abbas_princess

    Can you believe she’s two weeks old already?  Doesn’t the time seem to go so fast and slow, all at the same time, and even though you hardly know her, you can’t imagine a time without her?

  • hellorn

    Oh, how much fun! I would love to meet some fellow bloggers in person some day. Especially Susan G. We have tried to figure out how we could meet up with each other. I think the new AIG museum grand opening sounds like the best possibility. I actually met a young lady this past spring when her family began visiting our church and come to find out I had read her blog before and I didn’t even realize it was the same person until we started talking about blogging! Talk about weird! I have dreamed of taking a “blogging vacation tour” where I travel around the country and meet several of the friends I have made through blogging. I think a whole new industry could develop. :)

    Thanks for sharing of your neat meeting. I have enjoyed hearing about little Katherine too!
    God’s blessings to you and your family. :)

  • stforever

    Wow. you’re already getting back to dinner parties! :) I’m glad you had fun together. It’s so sweet to see you all with little Katherine as well. What a doll baby! :) Have a wonderful day Becky!

  • simply_nikki

    Hmm, surprising you didn’t know all that. I guess I just took it for granted!

  • hannahbarton

    I’m with Gwyn. I like the changes you’ve made to the living room. I can’t wait to see them all.

  • Liosliath

    Very cool. I’m a big fan of meeting people in person that you know from online. But then I suppose that was obvious. :)

  • eaglecam

    Connections – I love it.  We are all in someway connected and the internet makes it possible to reach out more easily than I knew before.  Maybe sometime you’ll find a link to your Maryland connection.  P.S.  That baby looks just right on your lap.  It seems she is looking up at you.  Give her a nuzzle for me.

  • jennipenar

    That’s too cool about small-world connections. And little Katherine looks perfect in your arms! I’m curious, though - who took the pic of all 5 of you? Is your mom still with you?

  • miller_schloss

    Nikki – I knew about the NECA connection and the Taylor connection, but Matthew didn’t – I had forgotten to tell him.

    Jenni – my mom is here through Nov. 8, so she took the picture.

  • Monyikka

    Wow.  I love stuff like that!  I’ve had a great many “random” connections that didn’t end up being so random after all!  Very cool!

  • gwyneth

    yeah, only problem is…i don’t think durham HAS an asian laundry…

  • susaneg

    You two (Becky and Ashley) are a riot :) . I love the picture of the five of you. Katherine is so adorable! I told Ashley she had to tell you “hi” for me, so she better of done so! :)

  • gwyneth

    i am glad you appreciate the frito post. i thought it was pretty hilarious.

  • ezygiel

    how very cool! sometimes it’s great how small the world is. :-)

    i’m glad you got it! you never know with ‘royal mail’ – she could have been 2 before it got to you. ;-) hope it fits! we probably should have gotten the next size up, sorry!

  • Jenark

    Wow you are right it is a small world.

    It makes me feel better to see Katherine looking so tiny in your arms.  They grow so fast, but it is nice to know she isn’t growing to fast.

  • sheldoggy

    Funny thing I just discovered. One of the xanga bloggers you have befriended, islandlife, just happens to be related to me (her husband, more correctly). They live out on the San Juan Islands and Sheila and I ended our bike trip with a fairy ride to their island and stayed a few days with their parents and brothers and sisters who all live out there. In fact, my mom was just out to visit all of them about a month ago and she was the one who made the connection when she was reading your posts–apparently she has a tendency to snoop around your blog:-) Anyways, Diana and her husband, Matt, are great folks and their kids are adorable. I just found the connection interesting. It’s a small world, huh?

  • curlybecca

    Katherine looks like a doll in your arms. Really. In that picture she looks like she is a doll.

  • curlybecca

    P.S. Sheldon took a fairy ride?

  • karlitacat

    Becky – I love Katherine’s expression, looking up at you.  Ah, the orange couches – what memories!  Did you get the blue furniture, too?  And are those the coasters you made?  I can’t see the whole thing, but they look purty. :)  It’s a small world, eh?  Or maybe EVERYONE has some sort of connection with the Sorensens.  Hehe.   

  • twentysixcats

    We had a delightful time, Becky!! Thanks so much for taking the time to welcome us into your house. :-) We enjoyed meeting Katherine! And Bugaboo! Please stop by anytime you are in Atlanta!!

  • rachelboo

    You look great in that picture!  Looks like mommyhood agrees with you!  =)

  • rhondabear

    Just wanted to say we have some friends in Kazakstan as well. They’re working at a school there. I just thought it interesting since I never heard much about K-stan until they went there. Now everyone knows someone there. :) Plus this post kind of encouraged me to say something since I know all about random connections. I grew up overseas and traveling like that makes the world very small. (I saw your comment on Gwyn’s site – I went to Bethel with her.)

    Adorable baby by the way. Congratulations! We’re waiting a couple more years until my husband gets out of grad school, but I’m very excited for when our time comes around to be parents as well.

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