International Communion Meal

The Communion Meal at Damascus Road International Church in Maastricht, Netherlands, went really well, from all the reports I’ve heard! They plan to do it again at Easter time.

Some of the guys cooked a main course, and the guests brought side dishes and desserts for a potluck meal. The invitation/RSVP/food sign up process seemed to be extremely easy using Punchbowl. Some of the ladies decorated. Didn’t it turn out beautiful? The guests ate at two long tables in DRIC’s office space at the Dutch Reformed Church.

I talked with the pastor, Kent Linneweh, afterwards, and he gave a great report. Based on that conversation, I wrote the following for their missionary newsletter.

We believe in experiencing life in God together at Damascus Road. We’re building community through fellowship times, and meals are frequently the center of that. We recently hosted our first Communion Meal at our new church office. Forty-three people from over 35 countries came together for a potluck – some old friends and some new faces, including several guests who weren’t Christians – and we shared what it means to accept the sacrifices of Jesus, and for those who truly know Him, the Lord’s Supper.

Ten people spoke about what the body and blood means to them. One unchurched guest was blown away that people were crying as they responded to the Holy Spirit – he had never experienced the presence of the God like that.

Such a communal, relational approach to God and church is unknown in this region. People are hungry to taste and see that God is good.

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