Impromptu Ladies’ Night

There’s no new Castle episode tonight, so we won’t be having our weekly Castle-watching party. One of the regulars, Meghan, is also our hair dresser. By “our hairdresser” I mean she comes over to our house and cuts the hairs of our whole family. Tonight she is coming over to cut Matthew’s hair before his Bulgarian boss arrives in the States for the week. She suggested an impromptu girls’ night tonight with another frequent Castle-guest, Nichole.

Meghan is coming to join us for dinner at 6 before the haircut. It’s 4:45 and I haven’t yet showered and dressed. The house is a mess, with luggage from our weekend trip strewn about. I have errands to run. And I haven’t defrosted the salmon, much less prepared to cook it.


Not sure what I’ll do with the ladies tonight…probably watch a movie on Netflix. We may need to run out for Ben & Jerry’s.

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  • Nichole

    And this is why Becky is the number one hostess in the entire world. The Nike motto, “Just Do It” has nothing on her attitude.

    When I arrived, the Salmon was cooked along with two sides, each individually prepared. It was gobbled up by her family and dinner guest.

    After dinner she magically cleaned up hardly noticed by us other ladies as we gabbed (forgot to help; I need to write about being a good guest.) Then we discussed what movie to watch, had a snack while we watched it and dished. It was a perfect night.

  • Becky Miller

    Thank you, Nichole! You're very kind. I'm so glad you and Meghan came over last night.

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  • Amy Jane Helmericks

    I've been told (by someone who knows better than me…) that throwing a whole salmon sans soap into a dishwasher ends surprisingly well.

    But I imagine someone who buys her salmon wouldn't be willing to experiment about it.

    • Becky Miller

      Fascinating! Just run it through a regular cycle? I suppose it sort of poaches/steams it?

  • Amy Jane Helmericks

    That's the impression I got, yeah.

    She mentioned it as an embarrassment and didn't go into detail (it was in a speech– about somebody else) but I was very impressed.

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