The Ill-Fated Rescue

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Saturday night, Dec. 1, I called Hannah to let her know I’d emailed her pictures of my bangs. I had forgotten she was in New York state for a Sunday afternoon wedding and wouldn’t have internet access. I’m glad I called, though, because she had a tale of woe, and since she couldn’t blog about it, I’m glad I was able to be a listening ear.

Turns out she had been given to understand that her transportation and accomodations would be taken care of, and all she needed to do was show up. When no one came to pick her up from the airport, she got an inkling of things to come. She found out about a dilapidated shuttle from the hotel just in time to avoid walking two miles in the dark and cold from the airport to the Days Inn. After finding out that, yes, she could stay in the hotel…for $100 a night, the true reality of the weekend ahead of her set in. No transportation? Check. No arranged room? Check. Oh, well, at least she had her…debit card? Nope. Still in Oklahoma. And she had Saturday and Sunday night to survive before her plane left early Monday morning, getting her back for her Tuesday morning flight from OKC to Washington, D.C.

By the time I talked to her, she was considering spending the night doing, well, THIS. Or going to the airport and surreptitiously sleeping in the baggage claim all night.

I encouraged her as best I could and then set about making a seven-layer Mexican dip for a Christmas party that night. Somewhere between the beans and the guacamole, the thought came. “HEY! Did Hannah say she was near West Point? I didn’t realized she was going to be so close! That’s only a few hours from here! Gosh, I should go and spend the night walking around Wal-Mart WITH her!”

Then I remembered not only am I not in college anymore, I also have a baby, who is laid back, but probably not THAT laid back. Still, there must be something I could do to rescue my poor stranded friend…plotting commenced. I called Matthew on the way to the party. “Want to go on an adventure with me?” I asked. I outlined Hannah’s situation and finished with several options… A. We pick her up and bring her back to RI with us. B. We find an all-night diner in Newburgh, NY, and take a re-he-he-he-he-heally long time eating. C. We pick her up and then stay with friends in New York City.

“That’s insane!” he said. “It sounds like something *I* would come up with. I love it! I’ll call Adam.” (I was loving having the tables turned. My visionary husband is constantly coming up with out-there plans, and I usually have to bring in the reality check. It was so funny for me to have the crazy idea and him to carefully think out the logistics.)

I was so excited to call Hannah later that night and tell her, “We’re coming to rescue you!” She was surprised/happy/elated/shocked/overjoyed…apparently things there had continued to go downhill.

So it came about that Sunday after church I was hurriedly packing an overnight bag and gathering everything for the trip. The true psychoticness of this idea didn’t sink in until I went to GoogleMap directions and was confronted with my previously hazy understanding of New York geography…Newburgh is 4 hours from Providence, not 3, as I had thought, and Harlem, NYC, is a further 1.5 hrs., not 45 minutes. And Hannah’s flight left at 6 am, not 7. Which meant…quick mental calculations…we would have to leave the City between 3:30 and 4 am on Monday to get Hannah to the Newburgh airport on time. After sufficiently caffeinating ourselves, we set off on our mission/quest/thing. We reached the reception site (which reminded me an awful lot of this inn) as the party was winding down and Hannah was about ready to stove her own head in out of sheer boredom. She ran out to meet us, and when I jumped out of Fritz Alvaredo, she gave me a huge hug and said something about being happier to see me than she had been to see anyone in a long time. I was thoroughly happy to see her too. As she said, it was a lot like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting “I knew you’d find me!” Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We ventured on to the Gahagans’ apartment and made great time getting there. They were so gracious to put us up in their tiny space on such short notice.

Me with Elasia, and Evita with Katherine:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Adam making the girls smile:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We stayed up way past the babies’ bedtimes talking.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I really appreciate the Gahagans willingness to upend their schedule for us! It was encouraging as usual to see them. They are some of the most spiritually refreshing people to spend time with. Their passion and vision is catching.

We finally went to bed, Matthew, Katherine and me on the futon and Hannah on the little chair.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We crashed for a few short hours…stumbling around blindly in the morning, we tried to hurry out the door, but I fell back to sleep instead of getting re-packed while Matthew was showering, so it was almost 4:40 by the time we sped onto the George Washington Bridge and headed northwest. NO ONE was on the road, so Matthew booked it down the highway. Finally at 5:45, Fritz pulled up to the terminal. Hannah dashed out to run through the tiny airport and board her 6 o’clock flight. We told her to call us to let us know she made it on the plane.

The phone rang a few minutes later. As if 6 am weren’t early enough…the flight had left early, leaving Hannah tarmac-bound. A couple hours of stress and repeated calls to Northwest ensued. The multiple Northwest agents she spoke with couldn’t grasp the idea of saving the airline money by consolidating her two trips – NY to OK, then OK to DC roundtrip – into one trip, so she could ride home with us and go to DC directly from Providence. Ultimately, we had to say goodbye and leave her to catch a much later flight to Oklahoma. And, as Matthew said later, by the time 11 am and he rolled around at Saint John Stone, his boss had so many things to talk to him about that he didn’t really notice how late Matthew was to work.

So. It turns out that I saved my friend from spending 9 hours in the Newburgh airport…by leaving her to spend 9 hours in the Newburgh airport.

Morals of this very long and drawn out story:

1. Our adventuring days are by no means over now that we are parents. Katherine was a gem the whole trip.

2. I love my friends and will do pretty much anything for them. But don’t ever count on me to get anyone anywhere on time early in the morning.

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  • livingwater7

    oh, my goodness! you all must be sooooo tired!  I felt so badly for Hannah as I read this post.   How blessed she is to have such flexible and fun friends!

  • Liosliath

    Now if only it had been a rant instead of a story it could have been even more Coxy. Still. Bonus points to you for the use of “re-he-he-he-he-heally” in a blog! I think it’s a magic trick?

  • Liosliath

    Uhh… is it even possible to not love Scrubs? I knew I was cool, too. ;)

  • hannahbarton

    I laughed and laughed and laughed all the way through this post. We really do find ourselves in the funniest of circumstances, don’t we?

    Becky, thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. It certianly made the difference to me that weekend.

  • gwyneth

    um, the rescuers down under implies that you are south of the equator. i’m just saying. also, you did a great job writing up this story. and i loved seeing evita! yay!

    also, some weekend in february, i’m pretty sure i’m going to be stranded at my apt, all alone. i’m going to need someone who will come save me.

  • jennipenar

    Great post! The pics illustrated it perfectly!

  • gwyneth

    yeah, i’d already purchased my christmas card stamps, but…then realised i don’t have the time/energy/money/inspiration to do them this year. last year’s cards were my favourites ever…and…maybe if i get inspired i’ll still do it. i have a much shorter list of people who’d get one this year, so…eh. maybe i still will.

  • daniellehanley

    Great story! Lucky Hannah to have such friends.

    ryc: I find Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma too whiny to pay full price. If I ever see it secondhand I’ll probably pick it up.

  • whomhavei

    Just for the record, 9 hours is an extremely long time to spend in the Newburgh Airport. Of all the airports in the NYC area to spend the night in, La Guardia was the best, beating out JFK and Newark hands down.

  • Badcat926

    Fabulous! I love the last line about how you saved her nine hours!!! Your friend Evita is beautiful and in a minute I’m going to go read the rest of the link to their story because it sounds interesting. Katherine is adorable as well as your friend’s little girl. How crazy?! Hannah seems to be a adventure magnet.

    ~ Cat  :o )

  • Monyikka

    oh what a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL story!

    i’m so glad to hear that your adventures have continued!

    p.s. how does caffeine affect breastfeeding (for you personally)?

  • simply_nikki

    Hi – Mom?! Seriously, you look like her again. It just goes to show you the bangs were not a bad idea.

    That was really sweet of you to rescue Hannah (and Matthew to go along with it)! And what great friends you have in New York. Had they ever met Hannah?

  • curlyqueqt1

    Haha, I love this story.  Funny thing . . . but it’s true!  You are great friend.

  • mello_jazzy_chic

    heheh. crazy man.

    hey. in case you hadn’t read my blog, i’m ENGAGED now! joel proposed on the 3rd, and now we’re starting the crazy task of planning it all. do you have any cool tips or warnings or anything?
    it would be greatly appreciated.


  • MattyOOO

    You gotta have friends like that!

  • stforever

    Wow! What a devoted friend you are! That was incredibly nice of you two! Even though she didn’t make her flight, you all still made a memory and had an awesome adventure. :) Those pictures are awesome as well. I can’t believe how big Katherine is getting already.

  • mello_jazzy_chic

    dude. thank you so much! heh.

  • gwyneth

    yes, and bugaboo can jump so high you won’t be able to put breakable ornaments…anywhere.

  • LynsiEMT

    what a funny story!

  • twentysixcats

    Note to self: Stay on Becky’s good side. You never know when you might need rescuing… (hehe :-) )

  • curlybecca

    That apartment looks freaking old. How cool. It’s also very cool that you guys haven’t given up on adventures now that you’re parents.

  • GinaLB

    Becky on time for anything early in the morning…Hmmm, nope cant think of time. just kididng. When Hannah told me the story, i had guessed the end before she was half way through. You are bad at that early morning thing, but I think Matthew is worse. Put the two of you together, and it’s hopeless in general. I remember certain road trip in ’01 it took both of us (me and you) and occasionally “Tex” 3-4 attempts to rouse Matthew. I took the brunt of his wrath because he was “sweet” on you.  Is he still so grumpy?

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