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(Update May 2010 – well, I never got a gig writing about hospitality for someone else’s blog…but now I have my own! :)

I have a bunch of potential posts lined up in my “blog ideas” queue, but I haven’t finished them because I’ve been working on my application for a REAL BLOGGING JOB. (Well, okay, so it’s only a few hours a week, but still. What could be cooler than getting paid to blog?) I sent in my application and writing samples to ClubMom Wednesday night. Even if they don’t pick me, it was a worthwhile writing exercise. (And now I have three GREAT posts that I can use here if they don’t hire me.) I think that my sample posts and application question answers are some of the best writing I’ve done in a long time. A few bits from the ap:

What would you like to blog about?
I would like to blog about hospitality and all it entails…the preparation and planning, the cleaning and cooking, the sometimes disastrous results and the (usually) humorous anecdotes, and the joy that comes from filling a home with guests.

Beyond the basics above, tell us who you are and why we should hire you to write this blog.
I’m a trade magazine editor who gets kinda tired of writing about furniture all day…so blogging is my muse’s playground. I’ve been blogging since September 2005, and it has become my favorite hobby. Inspired by entrepreneurial mom bloggers like Heather Armstrong of, I have been wanting to move from being an amateur blogger to being a “professional” blogger before my baby is born in October. At that point, I’ll become a stay-at-home mom, and I’d love to use blogging to earn some income from home and enjoy adult interaction during the day. ClubMom’s blogging venture sounds like the perfect match for me, and I hope you’ll feel the same – that I’m just the writer you’re looking for.

As for hospitality, my husband and I entertain often – our enjoyment of opening our home led us to make such decisions as spending more on our super-automatic espresso machine than on any piece of furniture we own and buying a gigantic table that seats ten (which makes dinners at home for just the two of us a bit awkward, but is fabulous for dinner parties!).

I love all kinds of hospitality. I enjoy hosting low-key card nights as much as throwing formal balls with period costumes, dancing, and live music. However, as much as I strive for perfection, I realize I’m not actually very GOOD at hospitality yet! I’m always ruining a recipe or breaking a plate or failing to make enough food or forgetting to Swiffer the cat fur off the wood floor…but I really must love it, because I keep coming back for more. I am determined to become an expert at this hospitality thing…someday. In the meantime, I’ll keep picking shattered glass out of the lasagna, frantically shoving the clutter into the spare room, and greeting my guests with a smile on my face and a burned potholder hidden behind my back.

My mom says that one of the first personality traits she noticed in me was my love of hospitality. It’s an area in which I constantly strive to better myself, so I have lots of trial-and-error experience and don’t mind “telling” on myself. Writing about my experiences helps me analyze them, learn from my mistakes, and find the humor in them. I think the moms who read the ClubMom blogs will be able to relate.

What kind of unique voice or spin can you bring to this topic?
I’m a first-time-mom-to-be trying to figure out how I’ll transition from passing around wine and cheese at a Pride & Prejudice viewing to serving apple juice and Goldfish crackers at a Bob the Builder party.

So far in life, I’ve graduated from helping my mom cook dinner for guests to throwing my own birthday parties, from hosting an open house in my college dorm room to throwing a housewarming party at my husband’s and my first apartment. The next hospitality life change for me will be learning how to host an elegant dinner party while keeping my baby from sticking peas up his nose. I look forward to these changes with excitement and an eye to learn and improve. I would love to bring other women on this journey with me (and hopefully get their advice along the way!).

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  • hannahbarton

    You know I do! Love this, that is…

  • stforever

    Wonderful! I hope they pick you!! You are one talented girl….. :)

  • simply_nikki

    OMG, how cool is that? Micah says I should blog professionally, but I haven’t yet gotten the gumption to go for it. I think you have the talent and the popularity to be successful; best of luck to ya!

  • Stout_Sojourner

    I hope they pick you too.  You would do a great job- and this application letter is “A” material.  Good luck.

  • micahanderin

    Becky-your writing is simply brilliant!

    I hope you do write more about hospitality, because this is an area where I can definitely learn from a more experienced hostess:o)

    Wow…a BALL? Really?

    Erin at unfoldingmoments

  • socalmom100

    GREAT application answers!

    There is an awful lot of really good writing coming out of the mom blogging community — I think the folks at ClubMom are going to have a hard time making their decisions.

    I personally would LOVE reading your hospitality blog… I’m a closet Bon Appetit reader, and always enjoy those “entertaining with style” features… have often thought about spoofing them with the way *I* prepare to entertain (i.e., take frozen Costco mini-quiches out of freezer…)

    Good luck!!

  • filtered_sunlight

    I don’t know what your competition’s like, but I’d hire you! I have no talent at hospitality. I try…but I usually try to do too much at once end up ruining something…or multiple somethings… I’d sign up to read a blog that might offer learning experiences before I ended up plucking glass out of my lasagna! lol.

  • mmmattress

    Becky, you ALREADY get paid to blog.  Heh heh heh…

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