Harry Potter Party Plan

I kept a running list of ideas for the Harry Potter Party in a text document in the Parties folder on my laptop. When the party finally came together for the Deathly Hallows premiere, I just opened the doc, added new ideas, created to-do lists, and organized it. I was able to send it to the hosts a few days before to keep them in the loop.

Here’s the plan for the party. I had to make some alterations the day of the party–those notes are in green.

Party Order:
Guests arrive on platform (7 pm)
Photos against backdrop
Sorting into houses (teams)
Muggle quidditch relay (back yard)
Feast (dessert – dining room)
OWLs trivia game (dining room)
Reading from Deathly Hallows (library)
Astronomy tower (upstairs balcony) We ended up switching the library and the astronomy tower for flow reasons.
Awarding of prizes – House Cup (dining room)
Movie (Theater – several of us got tickets for the 12:05 showing)

Patronus cookies (stag-shaped cookies–me) I was going to do all the cooking myself, but when I realized I’d be getting back from D.C. that morning, I asked some friends to help out. They made amazing deliciousness happen!
Pumpkin pasties (Bekki)
Trifle (Nichole)
Candied pineapple (me)
Licorice wands (me)
Butterbeer (cream soda with butterscotch syrup) (me) Got ginger ale instead. Warmed it up, melted the syrup in it, added sugar and orange juice and some spices, and then ladeled it into cups and filled them the rest of the way with room-temp ginger ale. It was fizzy and warm and sweet and perfect!

OWLs (Trivia game) – all subjects [Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, History of Magic, Muggle Studies] I was finishing this game in the back of a car on the way to the airport in D.C., typing on my laptop and looking up the answers on my iPhone. I printed it when I got home.
Muggle Quidditch – bring a broom, get balls, hoola hoops – relay race. I finalized the rules for how the relay would work on the drive to the host’s house.

House Cup (trophy from iParty) I bought that the day of the party on my last-minute trip out for supplies.
Branded/packaged Harry Potter candies from iParty. I had been collecting these for months as I saw them.
-Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
-Blood Pops
-Chocolate Frogs
-Chocolate Flies

Dining room as Great Hall
-Faux pumpkins hanging (bought these on sale after Halloween over a year ago)
-Stuffed owls hanging (bought those at a thrift store earlier the week of the party)
-Black fabric and Christmas lights on ceiling (we had to scrap this idea because the ceiling was too high)
-House banners on the walls
-Gold chargers
-Goblets (I ended up getting HP paper cups at iParty that day so I didn’t have to haul my crystal to the hosts’ home.)

Front porch as King’s Cross Station (It was too dark on the porch, so we hung the signs on the door posts and set up the trunk and photo backdrop indoors)
-Platform 9 3/4 sign
-King’s Cross station sign (The host made these on the computer as we decorated for the party. Much easier than the cardboard and paint I had brought.)
-Harry’s school trunk
-Red backdrop for photos

Potions cabinet
-Potions in jars and jugs
-Recipes in frames (didn’t have time for this; just used stiff paper folded over for the labels)

HP closet (under the stairs)
-bed (blanket and pillow)
-spider web and spiders (bought on clearance after Halloween)

Need to buy/find:
Fishing line
Hula hoops (Never found these. Went to two stores, and they said, “We only have them in the summer!” I ended up getting two lengths of foam pipe insulation for $1 each and taping them into hoops for the Quidditch game.)
Different sized balls
Red hair spray paint
Torani butterscotch syrup (Never found any. Looked at several stores. Used melted butterscotch ice cream topping instead.)

I kept track of people’s planned costumes as they RSVP’d. We ended up not having any duplicates! I pre-sorted them into teams for the games. We had a few last-minute guest list changes, so I made sure we had even numbers for the four houses before we did the sorting.

How do you keep track of your plans for parties?

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  • http://UntanglingTales.com Amy Jane

    Wow. This is what makes me put you so much more the extrovert than me. (Inaccurate as that may be). The very idea of being at a party big enough for four teams is overwhelming.

    Realized recently that what I called "maturity" (e.g. in my friend Jana) is basically skilled socializing. Knowing what to do besides talking. Watching her and others I now know what *to* do, but the execution of it is still exhausting.

    • http://www.howtohospitality.com Becky Miller

      Well, as you'll see in the next (picture) post, we only had two players per team, with two alternate Gryffindors who came a bit later filling in for Matthew and me in the second game. So we had 10 people all together. And the guests were some of my very closest friends here in New England, so it is energizing to be around them, not draining.

      Even still, and especially with the addition of the 12-hour-meeting in D.C. on Wednesday, I had a complete introvert meltdown on Friday night.

  • http://www.westernesse.com/karlita Karla

    HA! I totally echo Amy's sentiments, and since I have the same personality type as Becky I am forever amazed at her abilities and accomplishments. Hearing about the meltdown makes a bit more sense, however. :P

  • Richard

    Very cool ideas here. Thanks for sharing. We are doing a LOTR party in Jan. (2nd annual), watching all 3 movies and eating all 7 hobbit meals (eatlikeahobbit.wordpress.com). I'm not sure if we could ever squeeze a Potter movie party into a single day though (all the movies would be close to 18hrs.)

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