Friday Night Chocolate

Friday night Matthew got together with some dudes to drink fine wines and play cribbage…so I had the dudes’ female halves over for a ladies night, and some other ladies as well. Most of the women I know are constantly busy with projects and such, so I made it a “movie and project night.” We watched A&E’s Pride and Prejudice and brought projects to work on. Most of us helped Karin with her wedding bouquets, as she is getting ready for her wedding in two weeks. She is making bouquets of crystal beads and wire – they look like ice bouquets. They’re breathtaking.

It was a hospitality coup for me…I was totally ready by the time people arrived, even the one who came early! I was dressed and ready, Katherine was happy, I had even lit the candles. The only thing not done was the cake, because I wanted to serve it hot. I attempted Chocolate Volcano Cake, which turned out pretty well. Here’s the recipe. I don’t have ramekins, so I found a recipe that uses a muffin pan.

We had a great mix of ladies…two engaged women, three new moms, and one married woman who doesn’t have children yet. Everyone seemed to have a great time together. (It was especially funny when the married women ganged up to offer the engaged ladies sex advice. : )

As they left, they all said we should do this more often.

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  • Lydrock

    aww that sounds like so much fun!! We do a girls night every wednesday, but it would be so nice to include some other women occasionally.

  • Falconschloss

    I didn’t know they made cat specific baking items.  How convenient.  This should provide an easy way to get rid of that little white furball and make a nice meal for your family as well.

  • simply_nikki

    Hey, I thought I was going to get to watch Pride and Prejudice! Oh well, that was a long time ago, and I also suppose I have had my share of really long movies lately!

  • hannahbarton

    I love it when all the married women gang up to offer me sex advice.

    Hooray for you, having everything prepared and ready for company. You are a tremendous hostess.

  • gwyneth

    i want to see photos of these bouquets. they sound incredible. and so does chocolate volcano cake.

  • airborneschloss

    What a fun evening. Wish I was a little mouse to hear all of the married gals’ advice! An old married lady can always learn a thing or two!

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