Preparing for My Brother and Sister-in-Law’s Wedding

I arrived in OKC Tuesday night, and it’s been a whirlwind since then. We stayed up late talking with Hannah Tuesday night. Wednesday we spent at the Barton’s house. My mom worked finishing the flower girl dresses. I compiled everyone’s lists and made a master schedule/to-do list. Katherine chased Tomkins all over the house saying, “Cat! Cat!” Ivan, an exchange student who was Zach’s West Point roommate, flew in from Croatia. My mom and I went to Wal-Mart to get diapers and shampoo, and ended up with a plastic cell phone for Katherine which is now permanently attached to her body. And holy moley, K’s new shoes for the wedding are to die for!

Thursday I worked on finishing the programs, and Zach worked on finishing the photo montage video they’re playing at the start of the wedding. (We are all now summarily sick of “Sweet Child of Mine.”) Hannah and I went to !Hobby Lobby! (I MISS HOBBY LOBBY) to get flower stuff, and ended up with really cute mini-castles for the tables. Hannah and Hope and I cleaned 200 roses (removed the leaves and thorns, cut them and put them in water). Zach took Hannah’s brothers shopping for shirts. My dad arrived, and we had a Barton/Castle family dinner as various relatives came in and out.

(Insert K anecdotes: 1. When my dad got there, K was outside with us playing with the water in the buckets while we worked on flowers. He took her over to play with the dog and tried to teach her how to pant like a puppy. She came back with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. So attractive. 2. K loves Tomkins to bits and hugs him like a linebacker. She has seen me lean my head down to rest my cheek on a cat’s fur, so she tips her head and smushes it into any cat she gets close to. 3. Hannah’s littlest brother, Jeremy, adores Katherine. He’s been picking her up and playing with her every chance he gets. After dinner, he came and took her off my lap, and she leaned her head toward his shoulder like she was going to give him a cuddle…but instead, she bit him. On the neck. Like a vampire.)

We had some time to pray for Zach and Hannah before everyone went their separate ways for the evening. While Zach and his West Point buddies did whatever it is West Point guys do, Hannah and I picked up Gwyn from the airport and went to the !Sonic! in Bricktown for cherry limeades. (You have to understand what a blessed event it is for someone living in New England to be back in Sonic territory again.)

Tonight I am up trying to actually get some work-work done. I have to give two presentations soon after I get home next week. In the spirit of true procrastination, here are some of the amazing aspects of the wedding Saturday that I am particularly excited about.

There’s a huge, red curtain at the front of the church, which will be opened after the grandparents and parents are seated, revealing a gigantic gazebo covered with roses.

Hannah is processing to “Follow Me” by John Denver, which her parents had at their wedding.

The flower girls are wearing brown and cream dresses made from this pattern. And they are processing to “Concerning Hobbits.”

The bridesmaids are carrying LANTERNS. Instead of bouquets. Pretty much the coolest EVER.

The recessional music is “He’s a Pirate” from POTC. Isn’t that the most awesome recessional song in the world?

Everything is coming together well. And I can’t think of any other ways to waste time, so I guess I will go work now.

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  • Badcat926

    I’m so excited to see pictures of all of this! I bet Katherine will be gloriously adorable! Hannah too. And you…and Gwyn! I hope you all have a an amazing weekend marrying Hannah off (again.)

    ~ Cat

  • daniellehanley

    Ditto to what Cat said and prayers that everything will go smoothly!

  • Atira

    I love John Denver; that is so great. My bridesmaids carried candles and ivy instead of flowers.

  • Punky1974

    Sounds like a good time! Oh how I  miss Sonic! The nearest  one to me is 4 1/2 hours south in Champaign, IL!

  • Liosliath

    So, this seemed appropriate somehow. Maybe Katherine is a devotee of the site?

  • LadyOfNarnia

    This post has gotten my gears turning on my wedding…however FAR away it is.

  • curlyqueqt1

    well shoot, if you are in OKC having cherry limeades, you might as well mosey on down to Norman and have one from Classic 50′s drive-in.  Trust me, they will change your life.  I am jealous that you are there, and I’m not:(  But on a bright note, I passed my orals!!!  I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow.

  • simply_nikki

    How fairytale like and AWESOME! I can’t wait to see photos, especially of K’s shoes. :) Hug the bride and shake the groom’s hand for me!

  • jennipenar

    My… good… NESS. This wedding sounds like it is going to be fan-freaking-tastic! I will wait impatiently for photos to be posted.

  • curlybecca

    How very elvish. Who knew Rivendell could be relocated to a church in Oklahoma?

  • twentysixcats

    This post was delightful. I cannot wait to see pictures of everything!! Hope it’s all going well… Congrats to Zach and Hannah!

    P.S. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores ever.

  • Anonymous

    Today was the day! :) It sounds absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see pictures (post a whole huge album on Facebook, please? ;) !!!


  • whomhavei

    The wedding was not at all like Rivendell. If it had been I would have shot myself… to the gollum theme.

  • gwyneth

    zach’s comment made me laugh.

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