Easter Dinner Prep

It’s 3:30 am EST on Easter. My husband got the kids to bed while I napped from 7:30-10. It was very kind of him, but unfortunately, I was supposed to spend that time grocery shopping and cleaning! So I’m headed to bed now, cleaning mostly done, but I’ll have to get up in 4 hours to get the ham before church.

Matthew’s mom, brother, and cousin are joining us for Easter lunch at 2 pm. We’re having:

• Spiral ham
• Asparagus with hollandaise (pretty much the only time of year I make hollandaise. From scratch. So delicious. So easy to screw up.)
• Cheesy potato souffle
• My grandma’s candied sweet potatoes
• Ambrosia spinach salad (My grandma makes great ambrosia at holidays – she’s originally from Florida – and I decided to turn it into an ambrosia-inspired spinach salad)

And my mother-in-law is bringing her amazing cheesecake for dessert.

I set the table tonight and put out all the serving dishes. Things always go more smoothly the next day when I do. Good thing I did it tonight – I realized four of the dishes I’ll need for cooking tomorrow were dirty! So the dishwasher’s running now.

I set the table with place mats from Matthew’s dad, china passed down from my grandma along with many of my favorite recipes, crystal platters from my great aunt, and my own crystal I bought in Germany when I was 15.


I have fantastic, huge kitchen cupboards, but tonight I discovered the problem with keeping the china on the top shelf.

Instead of waiting for my (tall) husband to get the dessert plates down for me tomorrow, I tried to climb onto the microwave cart…

And it all





I broke the shelf and my mother-in-law’s dish which I was going to return to her tomorrow. Thankfully the microwave caught on a screw and didn’t fall.

Sigh. Going to bed now before I break something else. Like myself.

What will be on your Easter table tomorrow?

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  • Danielle Hanley

    We're having marinaded leg of lamb, potatoes, salad, homemade rolls and pecan tassies. Aidan made the dinner and Aine made the dessert.

    Seems like everyone else is having asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. They were out of asparagus when I got to the store. :(

  • Karin

    Happy Easter, Becky!

    Sounds delicious! Makes me miss Easter with the Millers.

    So sorry about the broken dishes, etc.

    On our "table" this afternoon (which was really just us sitting on the floor of our hotel room) we ate ham and cheese sandwiches and drank a can of 1664 beer. Pretty exciting Easter gathering:)

  • http://NicholeLNelson.wordpress.com Nichole

    Mmmm! Tell me more about the Ambrosia spinach salad. I have never had Ambrosia but I like to dip oranges in Cool Whip. :) And I love spinach salad because almost anything goes with it: cranberries and pecans, pear and goat cheese, apples and walnuts, strawberries and poppyseeds…
    I didn't cook for Easter! I offered to bring a side dish but Easter dinner is pretty low-key, probably because it happens right after church. My mom makes a chocolate w/ vanilla frosting cross cake (symbolic) and my grandmother makes stuffing (no holiday is sans Portuguese stuffing, even if there's no bird to be stuffed) the day before, and then we just warm up a spiral ham and some vegetables.

  • http://www.seanandcat.com catherine

    I hope you didn't get hurt! That doesn't sound good. For Easter I made a cheese blitz with Cherries. I make it for a lot of holidays. We don't have family and the kids don't eat much, so we generally don't cook traditional big meals for holidays. I mean, we don't ever cook big traditional meals.

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