Dorm Life and Party Prep

It’s just after midnight here, and the joint is hoppin’. It’s like a dorm…if that dorm were a crowded, co-ed dorm minus the homework. Matthew and Zach are playing Guitar Hero, Gwyn is surfing the internet, Hannah and my mom and I are working on pirate costumes, and Amy and Joanna (my sisters-in-law) are making custom t-shirts that will be the game prizes on Sunday.

I feel the need to, like, order pizza or something.

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  • gwyneth

    i made a t-shirt, too. i helped. i promise!

  • Hinkybelle

    pizza is almost always a good idea. (the exceptions being things like the SAT administration room.)

  • ibsaylin

    I hope everything goes well!

  • curlybecca

    A dorm minus the homework–that would be the life! Have fun at your party and happy birthday!

  • rachelboo

    Sounds like fun!  It’s very rare that I’m up at midnight anymore.

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