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The Return of Castle Parties!

Tonight is the season 3 premiere of the TV dramedy Castle. As serious Browncoats (fans of the sci-fi Western Firefly), Matthew and I were excited to learn a couple years ago that Nathan Fillion would be starring in a new show. We vowed to watch it and promote it no matter what it was about. Because he’s The Captain.

(Joked one friend: “I would watch Nathan Fillion in a painting show.” Other friend: “Oooh! Nathan Fillion’s doing a painting show?”)

It couldn’t have been more of a bonus to find out the show was about a writer by the name of Richard Castle. (My maiden name is Castle, and I’m a writer. And so are my brothers. They like the show too.)

Anyway, so we’ve watched the show from the first half-season and did as much as we could to promote it. ABC picked it up for a full second season (and all the Browncoats breathed a sigh of relief, fearing a repeat of Firefly’s cancellation after a half season) and now a third.

Somewhere along the way we started inviting friends over to watch Castle with us on Monday nights. An informal hangout became a weekly ritual that grew in number of guests and elaborate traditions, including an expansive snack menu (must haves: Swedish Fish, chips and queso, Sour Patch Kids, and my “Monday Night Men” – Ben, Jerry, and Rick. Oh, and Matthew.)

Several weeks ago, our friends starting saying, “I can’t wait till Castle starts again! When’s our next Castle party?” Last year we had friends visit from Atlanta and join us for Castle night. One friend who moved away a few months ago is driving down from Massachusetts and staying over tonight.

Tonight’s menu: 7-layer Mexican dip with homemade guacamole and lime chips, baked Mexican dip (recipe here), ice cream sundaes, mozzarella sticks (in soft pretzel dough! How nom is that?), and various drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic (we usually get Newcastle ale – because that’s funny). Guests are bringing movie candy.

Tonight: whether you’re a regular Castle-watcher or not, invite some friends over to catch the Castle Season 3 opener, 10/9 Central on ABC.

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