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Things to Avoid for a Great Party: Edition 3

Matthew thought these comics from Zach might be too offensive for the site…but I think this is an important topic to discuss. I hate to get all serious on a Humorous Wednesday post, but seriously…what is UP with some of the things people say in social settings?!?

Consider this your warning: these comics aren’t kid safe.

Let’s talk…what is the worst thing you’ve heard (or worse, SAID, if you’re brave enough to fess up) at a social gathering?

Things to Avoid for a Great Party: Edition 1

My brother Zach and his wife, Hannah, are great at hospitality. They’re also really funny. Zach and I got talking about my blog last week, and he offered to share some tips about things to avoid to make your parties awesome (complete with illustrations). He got on a roll and sent me a whole slew of fantastic party comics. I’ll be sharing these every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

First Edition of Things to Avoid for a Great Party:

Welcome, SCL friends! Have a cup of…Skittles?

I just realized Jon Acuff never talks about coffee on Stuff Christians Like, so I’m not sure how to make an SCL-flavored joke about offering you a cup of coffee. I think I’m supposed to give you Razzle Dazzles or some other type of delightful, fruit-flavored candy instead.

If you’re here from the guest post that Joanna and I wrote for SCL this morning, welcome! (And if you’re not…welcome anyway, even though you’re probably not as funny as those who came from SCL.)

I just wrote here about wrangling my two kids, six friends, and their children to Massachusetts to hear Jon speak and what I learned about church hospitality from Fellowship Church in Holden, MA.

If you’re interested in making a church more welcoming, you might like the Practical Ministry Skills guide to church hospitality I put together for (It’s approximately 78% less funny than my SCL guest post and 96% percent less funny than Jon’s Stuff Christians Like book. It is, however, quite useful.)

I would love it if you’d take a moment to share in the comments here about a horrifically bad church hospitality experience you’ve had (or an angelically perfect one, if you’re more of an optimist).

Thanks again for stopping by. *Cyber side hug!*

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