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Fabric Obsession

I confessed to Hannah the other day my obsession with fabric. I knew it was really bad when I went to Wal-Mart on Sunday to get a few supplies for a birthday gift for Matthew. The things I needed did not in any way involve fabric (I would tell you what it is, but he may read this. Shhhhhh.).

When I left Wal-Mart, I had the things I needed PLUS the fabric, thread, trim and pattern to make a dress.

Let me tell you why I did not need to add one more project to my sewing room bins. Here’s my current list of projects for which I have the supplies but not the time to make them:

-Arwen’s Requiem dress
-Embroidery on almost-finished Eowyn shieldmaiden outfit
-Two green Fellowship capes

The one I just bought the stuff for is Lizzie’s orange dress from Pride and Prejudice

(In addition, by Oct. 29, I will design, purchase supplies for, fit and make FIVE fairy costumes for a really cool Peter Pan-themed bridal shower. But I hope to make this a fun group event and get all the “fairies” involved in helping with their own costumes.)

Home decor:
-Kitchen coffee bean curtains
-Living room curtains made from a sari
-Coffee placemats
-Black faux fur pillow shams for bedroom
-Cream European-sized shams for bedroom
-Small shams for living room throw pillows
-Canopy for dining room
-Canopy for bedroom

Plus, I need to buy the supplies for and make bedroom curtains, sewing room curtains, and full slipcovers for the 12 dining chairs we just bought.

I am going to have to put a moratorium on buying anything from Wal-Mart or JoAnn Fabrics until I finish EVERY SINGLE project I have in-house! (Any bets on how long such a resolution would actually last?) Maybe I just won’t even ENTER a Wal-Mart or fabric store until approximately 2008…

Anyway, Matthew and I are hosting a ball on Oct. 15, and I want to wear the orange Regency dress for that event, which makes that costume the highest priority. (Besides all the home decor projects I want to finish before hosting Mikaela’s engagement party on Oct. 11)

The last time I made a Regency dress, I cobbled it together without a pattern. I wanted a better fit this time, so I bought a cheap $2 pattern for a high-waisted dress with a gathered bodice and cap sleeves. I wanted a long sleeve on it, so I posted on the best costuming forum in the world asking about sleeve tips. Amanda (a.k.a. the Gray Cat production department) saw my post and offered to let me borrow her Regency sleeve pattern. I will trace it onto tissue tonight.

I mentioned my Big Problem to Mary Jo (the woman who helps lead our young adult Bible study) last night, and she said she has the same issue! So we scheduled a catch-up-on-sewing day for Saturday, Sept. 24. She’s going to work on a jacket and I will make my orange dress. Hooray!

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