Pride and Prejudice Costume Ball Pictures

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Your hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy (yes, Matthew grew out his sideburns for this!).

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West Point cadets formed a welcoming committee.

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Period music provided by the Flynn family, including the lovely Amanda.

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My mom learns how to dance Regency-era country dances.

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A family friend teaches a waltz lesson.

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  • gwyneth

    nice dude…and those are quite the chops matthew’s sportin’.
    ps: you put my full name on the internet. now the whole world can hunt me down and try to peek in my windows, or something. eh…good thing i live on the third floor and i always leave my curtains closed.

  • gwyneth

    haha…you’re funny. i wasn’t really worried about it, you know that right?
    course, that being said…no need to revoke my privacy rights now that they have been invoked.

  • IssyExley

    Ahhhhh!! Great pics!

    I gave old english dancing a try at a wedding reception once. It was actually quite fun.

    Definitely something I would do again.

    ….and no I wasn’t crashing the wedding- believe it or not.

  • daniellehanley

    Awesome! Y’all look great!

  • mmmattress

    What’s with the four asterisks? Is her name a swear? Or are they just a stand-in for a temporarily absent “umbe”?


  • Nyceaspice

    I love the medieval banquet pics. You guys are adorable. I don’t know what else to say about that.
    I also love the quotes from your interview with the furniture guy. I guess furniture guys really have a lot to say, eh?
    I’m glad to hear Beth is doing better. I emailed her and I hope she keeps on the bright side…as much as is possible.

  • gwyneth

    gee, becky. my morning was incomplete before i read matthew mocking me. and to think i was willing to get my butt up and go to the really, really ridiculously early service, then drive 2.5 hrs (well, from portsmouth it would be) so i could eat LUNCH w/ you guys and then drive back up to worcestor for what promises to be a very long night indeed.
    however, just because i still love you, a word of caution: the howling…at night…i mean, it’s only just gone past halloween…i don’t want the neighbours to be concerned and call van helsing or buffy the __________ slayer (she does werewolves, too, right?) i’m just looking out for you guys.

  • curlyqueqt1

    Love the pic’s!!!

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